A photo of Neymar’s injury: He came out limping and swollen as big as an egg

Brazil star Neymar injured his right ankle in the 2-0 win over Serbia at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and left the stadium limping, according to AFP reporters.

While sitting on the bench, the French player of Paris Saint-Germain took the shoe off his right foot and removed his sock and shin guard, and a swelling the size of an egg appeared under his foot in the photos taken by AFP photographers.

Then Neymar appeared to hobble back into the locker room. Neymar has a long history of injuries, including his right ankle in 2019 which kept him out of Copa America back then.

Besides, he suffered a serious back injury in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final match against Colombia which prevented him from completing the campaign in the version hosted by Brazil.

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Qatar World Cup 2022

Neymar showed great activity during the match at the Lusail stadium, where the final will be played on December 18, and until his exit in the 80th minute he was one of the most prominent players in the national team Brazil, who are aiming for the world title. for the sixth time, meets his Swiss counterpart next Monday.

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