Messi: We took care of its teams ” Warriors ” .. and Saudi Arabia I played to win

Messi: We took care of its teams ” Warriors ” .. and Saudi Arabia I played to win. A description Chief Selected Argentina Lionel Messi player Select Saudi with ” warrior “, Demonstrate me It’s a Not be Expect adapt With this combative performance .”

It was the Saudi ‘ green ‘. Reach to win However my counterpart Argentine, Where heart delayed with a goal 2:1 inside win The first one Out of the competition and the group third for a cup ” Qatar 2022″ World Cup.

Pink Around A question for the island net ” – a Region mixed for a playground Lucille-, _ He said Messi He is surprised same Select Saudi and its performance And his fight on me All a ball, And his desire Not in registration Objective tie only; but by winning in the match.

and seal attacker Paris without Germain, ” of The evidence the Select Saudi Not be feeling with fear Where To fear, As for we We should the work and development And I’m happy for two games the last two in the group before All From Mexico and Poland ”.

As for Coach Select Argentine Lionel shallots, he said for the island Network ” enabled his team Not Occurs To encounter high by his victory friendly on me Emirates 5-0 ahead days Out of departure Heroism, And why to underestimate Of the team Saudi.

Approved Scaloni – across conspiracy journalist after the game – that we respected All competitors, and further opposite We learned Select Saudi And we analyzed His performance And we bet the plan necessary, But we Not Adapt in the win. Select Saudi They had As to input victory in 5 minutes, And of then We suffered To return Accordingly.

As for Around his failure in law With to catch Off-side the install it Coach Saudi Arabia here to run and its players And he said scaloni The technique _ has become part Nope integral Out of a ball Foot and the Goals she was be cancelled through off-side on me centimetre little, we Download our heads And I’m happy me Forward, And think in two games the next two .”

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Qatar World Cup 2022

And he came victory Saudi square Border for cord Historical for a team Argentina, And he forbids it Out of equation Number Italy default and reached 37 games in the ” None” series. defeat “; So Not exposed comrades Messi for everyone Loss In 36 games on me facet years the three past.

Source: Aljazeera

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