What is the best natural juice for the treatment of anaemia?

With the medical treatment adhered to by people suffering from severe anaemia or iron deficiency anaemia, they can also enhance their diet with some foods that help speed up the stages of recovery.

There are many types of natural drinks that increase the level of iron in the blood thanks to foods that contain important elements and vitamins. However, there is one drink that treats anaemia amazingly and quickly, and since we find beetroot in abundance in these seasons, we can benefit from it, since it is one of the basic ingredients for preparing this juice.

To prepare the anaemia treatment drink, you need:

A medium grain of beetroot

Half an orange

Half a cup of pomegranate seeds

You can also add a tablespoon of natural honey to the juice to sweeten it.

Tips for drinking juice to treat anaemia and iron deficiency:

– It is preferable to drink a large glass of juice on an empty stomach after waking up, half an hour before eating breakfast.

– Of course, you can drink more juice during the day, half an hour after lunch. Set aside this period to have a cup of beetroot drink.

– After completing medical treatment and taking nutritional supplements, do not hesitate to drink beetroot juice in order to improve or stabilize the iron level in the blood.

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